Circuit Breaker or Electric Panel Replacement

As technology improves and we consume more power our electrical systems can overload or become inefficient.  This can lead to the need for a circuit breaker replacement to ensure that the electrical system is working properly. In some cases, it may be necessary to upgrade the entire home or business electrical system.  4B Systems provide expert circuit breaker repair, upgrade or entire panel replacements.

circuit breaker repair by 4B Systems Mundelein, IllinoisCircuit breaker replacement

With some many devices accessing power – including wifi enabled devices, our daily use of electricity has changed and often our electric panels can keep up and need to be changed or replaced.  It is important to arrange to have your circuit breaker upgraded if any of the following situations exist:

  • Your home or business building is an older model with an electrical system that hasn’t been upgraded.
  • You have recently increased the number of appliances or high-powered devices within the building.
  • The existing circuits are continually triggered to turn off.
  • The existing circuit breakers do not reset easily.
  • The circuit no longer stays on after resetting.
  • Signs of excessive wear are visible on your existing circuit breaker box.

What is a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker is designed to protect against surges or changes in electrical currents, shutting down the electrical circuit whenever a fault is discovered with the flow of power. When a problem or fault occurs, the circuit breaker flips to the off position, and the power to that particular area is turned off temporarily. Once the circuit breaker is turned back on, the electrical circuit is once again established and the flow of electricity resumes.

Is Your Home Using the Newest Circuits?

Unless your house has been updated with the latest circuit breakers, you could be placing your home at risk of electrical circuit overload. Additionally, unless you update your building with the appropriate circuit breakers, you could be at risk of losing electrical continuity, while placing your home at risk of an electrical fire.

How Does a Circuit Overload Occur?

When any of the following circumstances exist, the possibility of a circuit overload exist faulty wires

  • Corrosion
  • Loose connections
  • More power travels across the circuit than it can handle
  • The circuits for specific areas of the home do not have the appropriate electrical capacity

Today is the time when you should arrange for circuit replacement to minimize your risk of an electrical fire while also ensuring that your home’s circuitry has the capacity to support all of your current electrical needs. It is important that an experienced electrician installs or replaces the existing circuit breakers being used in your building. This is an intricate process, and therefore, it requires the expertise of someone with a sound background in electrical procedures.

If someone other than a licensed electrician installs a circuit breaker, the installation could prove faulty, leading to an electrical fire or damaging the electrical appliances and devices within the building. In many cities, not using a licensed electrician to complete necessary electrical work may negate your homeowner’s insurance, leaving you without any financial recourse should a fire occur.

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